Even after all of the accomplishments Kristin was able to achieve, she realizes that she could have even given more to her game. Growing up, Kristin had limited to no training outside of the coaching she received from the teams she participated in. With a natural talent and feel for the game, Kristin immediately found her love and passion. She also never had the opportunity to focus on the core fundamentals of basketball through a mentor outside of practices and games.

While playing overseas, Kristin had the opportunity to play and compete against girls much younger than she was. Noticing the raw talent and under developed skills of some of the younger players, she realized the opportunity for quick enhancement. With additional 1 on 1 training, focused specifically to the under developed fundamentals of their game, these players would be competing at a much greater ability. A large reason that Kristin decided to begin a coaching career stemmed from these very reasons.

While coaching, Kristin realized this type of training needed to happen much sooner than college. How much of an impact would pure 1 on 1 fundamental training and skills development have been on these players while beginning their basketball careers? The answer: limitless.

Kristin is excited for the opportunity to work with the youth to help them achieve the best basketball they are capable of.